Introducing the Risque Disque Fall Clinic Series!

In this clinic scheduled for September 17th, Risque Disque Recording's head engineer Anthony Sharkey will show you how to record electric and acoustic guitars using techniques that are applicable to all levels of recording engineers. Anthony will discuss topics such as:
Guitar and Amps 1-Microphone placement in relation to your speaker cone
-Taking a DI (Direct Input) signal from your guitar, and where is best to take it from
ntro to dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones and when to use them
 -Single mic techniques on acoustic guitar
-Multi mic techniques on acoustic guitar

 -Basic room treatments for guitar recording

This 2 hour clinic will take place at Risque Disque Recording Studio on Saturday, September 17th at 2:00PM for the price of $100/person, and will have space for 15 attendees

Email Anthony@RisqueDisque.Com to enrol.